Control Punch Card Puzzle

Control Punch Card Puzzle. On the left side of the room, close the shutter nearest to the monitor. No comments (yet) sorted by:

Control Part 9 Solving Punch Card Puzzle (4K PS5) No
Control Part 9 Solving Punch Card Puzzle (4K PS5) No from

On a desk on the ground floor; Simple in concept but complicated in getting to the solution. To solve the hra machine puzzle in control you need to place the punch cards in the correct machines throughout the room and upstairs.

Located On The Left Corner Of The Hra Machine Main Terminal.

Getting into the office is another puzzle. I don't want to look up a guide, so. Here's how to solve the punch card puzzle in chapter 4 of control.

First Up Is Terminal 1.

How to restart the punchcard terminal. You need to match the same shape that's on the paper, which is done by rotating the object in the middle and filling in the hexagon. On a box on the ground floor;

Look For The Numbers On The Side Of Each Terminal.

For this puzzle, you need to put the correct punch cards in the correct numbered terminals, paying attention to the whiteboards dotted around. On a desk on the ground floor; There are five total and once you have them in the right spot, you hit the big red button at the center of the black rock lab and you’ll be allowed to proceed with the main story.

Search The Area And Collect All The Cards, Then Find The Solution Below.

No comments (yet) sorted by: Control punch card puzzle guide. There are six buttons on the walls of the chamber containing the mirror, each controlling a gate.

Hra Terminal 1 Puzzle Solution:

Punchcard locations and solution to the punchcard puzzle in control. Four of them can be found on the ground floor in the following locations: On the sides of the terminals, painted in what looks like blood, are the numerals 1 through 5.

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