Metro Exodus Post Cards

Metro Exodus Post Cards. If you missed it you can get. There is a green locker next to the entrance to the room where your friends are.

Diaries and postcards in Winter and The Volga Metro
Diaries and postcards in Winter and The Volga Metro from

Head all the way to the back of the hanger. I have experienced a very strange incident with metro exodus. Postcard 6 on the far right of the island (located in the bottom right corner) follow the train tracks through the metal gate.

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You can track your progress and view the postcards you've acquired in the pause menu under. This walkthrough will guide you to every. There are five postcards in this chapter:

There Are Five Postcards In This Chapter:

Look to the right of the entrance to find the final collectible on some crates. To find the postcards in the first chapter in metro exodus, you’ll first have to get through the introductory part of the level. The second postcard is hanging on the target next to the diary.

Spring Is The Fourth Chapter In.

Metro exodus postcard 7 location collectible video. After your first encounter with mutants, go through the door at the end of the tunnel to find ‘postcard 20’ on the right next to a blue locker. The postcards scattered throughout metro exodus are simultaneously a reminder of what was and what could be.

There Are 25 Collectible For You To Find In The Chapter The Volga In Metro Exodus.

This postcard is located near the door on the wall of krest’s house (safe house 4) located at the very top of the crane. Postcard 7 can be obtained only when you are on the shantytown quest. Our metro exodus the volga collectible locations guide details the location of this collectible.

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All the metro games lets you keep diaries and such as long as you don't hit new game. Authentic spartan order dog tag; In this metro exodus spring collectible locations guide, we will guide you on the locations of all the collectibles found in spring in metro exodus.

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