Playing Card Tattoos Meaning

Playing Card Tattoos Meaning. In it, the bearer is the king of hearts, a royal, but also a kindly ruler of emotions, particularly love. The spade symbolizes a thief and clubs symbolize criminals in general.

Playing Card Tattoo Designs, Meanings, Pictures, and Ideas
Playing Card Tattoo Designs, Meanings, Pictures, and Ideas from

Some people say that the king of hearts tattoo is representative of the mad king charles and could be a symbol of madness. However, most people who get this tattoo choose to look at it differently. We’ve spoken to people who have a combination of playing cards and an eight to see what it means to them.

They Can Represent One's Love And Passion For Gambling And Can Also Symbolize A Number Of Other Things.

In poker, the jack is seen as a good luck charm. Since hearts are associated with love, the king of hearts is usually used to express the same feeling. The most popular of these card tattoo meanings are leadership and achievement, but they can also represent death.

The Tattoo Can Represent Femininity/Feminism.

Card tattoos are very popular among professional card players and anyone who enjoys games and gambling. These stylish insignias may just make you rich during your next visit to the gambling hall. A deck of cards has 52 cards, which are meant to represent the number of weeks per year.

You Can Also Combine Your Love For The Card In Games With Any Of These Other Meanings.

Instead the wearer is showing the opposite their own cards (which is why the position of the wrist makes sense here). The diamonds represent informants, and the heart symbol represents someone who is. She encourages others to lead with their heart and trust your emotions.

The Queen Of Cups Is Similar To The Queen Of Hearts, And Is Compassionate, Caring, And Intuitive.

Feminine power, strength, and intelligence; A queen of hearts tattoo is a lucky symbol, as it’s a playing card, and it also represents willpower, sexual desire, and feminine power. The ace card can also be linked to ambition.

These Designs Portray How The Heart Or Diamond Holds The Neck Of The Spade Or Club Card In A Funny Manner Which Brings Out The Theme Involved In The Cards Game.

This is what the deck of cards. Each card tattoo has a separate meaning behind them, some of which may already be known to you. There are two jokers in the card deck.

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