Straight Talk Sim Card Says No Service

Straight Talk Sim Card Says No Service. Please wait for 30 seconds and tap on airplane mode again to. You can move your current sim card from your current phone to your new phone if:

Straight Talk Sim Card Micro Size and Activation
Straight Talk Sim Card Micro Size and Activation from

You can access the straight talk cloud folder from the finder by following these steps: Make sure that the sim card is placed correctly. (we believe straight talk sometimes has old data and is trying to associate your new device with an old verizon sim.

Please Make Sure To Insert The Original Straight Talk Sim Card Included In The Phone Package.

Activated wrong sim card for straight talk. The sim works just fine in my old phone, though, so i have no idea what this inactive status is supposed to refer to. Tell the straight talk rep you changed the sim card.

Using Your Current Sim Card.

Look for airplane mode (flight mode) by scrolling left or right through the icons. If you just signed up for straight talk wireless and your cellular data isn’t working you may need to set the apn. 2.1.2 old st at&t apn settings;

The New Apn Only Works If Your Phone Has.

If you have the wrong firmware on the phone, you will have issues. It really depends on what the model number of the note10. If you don’t have a service plan card, have your debit card or credit card ready to purchase one during the activation process.

§The $10 Global Calling Card Must Be Combined With Another Straight Talk Service Plan.

This will clean out the ram in the device and allow the operating system. Make sure it is not damaged. If the methods above didn't work, then the problem lies with your sim card.

Place The Sim Card On The Tray, With The Gold Contact Facing Down.

To do this you’ll need to install what’s called an apn profile. Somehow, straight talk has had an issue with that particular card being added to their database. Pull down the notifications pane on your device.

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