Most Expensive Crimson Invasion Cards

Most Expensive Crimson Invasion Cards. The following table is a complete checklist for all the cards in the set. Counter energy (crimson invasion, 100/111) tops our list of the ten best cards coming out of the crimson invasion expansion set.

Mismagius 40/111 SM Crimson Invasion Rare Pokemon Card
Mismagius 40/111 SM Crimson Invasion Rare Pokemon Card from

Counter catcher ( crimson invasion, 91/111) was my number two pick in our top ten countdown, so i’m pretty happy with where this item card landed in our final standings. Crimson invasion is the fourth set of pokemon cards in the sun & moon series of the pokemon tcg, the set focuses strongly around the pokemon sun & moon videogame, specifically around silvally, ultra beasts and the aether foundation and features mostly generation vii pokemon.the english version of the set was initially released on november 3rd, 2017 and contained a total of. Crimson invasion pokemon cards info and collection management.

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