Cards Like Ghostly Prison

Cards Like Ghostly Prison. Creatures can’t attack you unless their controller pays for each creature they control that’s attacking you. Cards like blind obedience, authority of the consuls and ghostly prison.

Iroas, God of Victory Commander Analysis MTG Mage
Iroas, God of Victory Commander Analysis MTG Mage from

Token decks may struggle with specific defensive cards like ghostly prison, propaganda, and crawlspace, which stymie their ability to attack profitably during the combat step. Most famously, green contains cards like doubling season, vorinclex, monstrous raider, pir, imaginative rascal, and evolution sage to massively increase the number of counters on their planeswalkers, causing them to reach their ultimate abilities far more quickly than opponents expect. This mass removal lets you choose either creatures or enchantments and artifacts to wipe out, ideal for that situation where your creature advantage is being mitigated by enchantments or artifacts, like “ghostly prison“.

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