Tarot Cards By Janine

Tarot Cards By Janine. Seek understanding, even when the outlook seems bleak. Some of the cards in the tarot deck are quite challenging to receive in a reading, however, don't fear them, they are simply a reflection of current influences and often have a positive side to them.

Janine of Tarot By Janine, here! Have you seen my YouTube
Janine of Tarot By Janine, here! Have you seen my YouTube from ko-fi.com

Janine, a student of tarot master marcus katz, describes it as “one sequential stream of energy.” a voice in this dream told her to create a tarot deck of “in between” cards. With the right mindset, tarot readings can work for you. Msm en emy of the pe0pie:

Since 1991 She Has Been Reading Tarot Professionally And Teaching Related Classes And Workshops In Calgary, Alberta.

The imagery of the card will pinpoint the direction you need to move. Contact open menu close menu. Tarot by janine, it's in the cards!

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I am the same janine, of tarot by janine channel.a. Janine’s deck inbetween shows the energy between one card and the next. With this tarot card reading you can reveal the secrets buried deep inside you and see your future in a different light.

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After doing research i wanted to express these underlying meanings in a format that people could relate to in a fun museum setting. Janine here, of tarot by janine, i started this channel asa back up and unplugged version of my work! In janine’s own defense of not being a spawn of satan, disputing the hateful charges of practicing black magic as she’s been accused by some evangelical christians (i refer to them as cinos, christians in name only) instead of the truth that she uses “the devils tools” (tarot cards) against the evildoer satan worshipping black hats, for good instead of evil to assist in this.

With The Right Mindset, Tarot Readings Can Work For You.

All you have to do is embrace the fact that a spiritual lesson will be revealed in each card. Tarot readings by janine & [email protected] #. In a reading, janine will describe any people in spirit that she senses around you, as well as specific objects or places that she sees in her mind’s eye.

Seek Understanding, Even When The Outlook Seems Bleak.

All messages are presented to you for validation and interpretation, and janine’s sketch paper is yours to keep after the reading. Tarot by janine chat with: Tarot readings by janine & [email protected] #tarotreadings #consciousness.

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