Why Do Foil Cards Bend

Why Do Foil Cards Bend. Foils tends to bend when there is moisture. Buy some silica gel packets or beads (preferred, as they are easier to recharge), then stick them into an air tight container with the cards.

Why do my cards bend? Demystifying humidity DIGIMON CARD
Why do my cards bend? Demystifying humidity DIGIMON CARD from digimonmeta.com

In fact, even without using my scale, after i open it, i can usually tell if pack has a holo just by looking for a slight bend in the pack. Is back as of march 24. The reason the foils bend is because the humidity causes the no metallic (aka, the normal, non foil part) part of the card to expand slightly, and since the front is a fixed size due to the foiling, the foiling pulls it inward to compensate.

Moisture Causes Them To Curl.

Because already bent foil is not going to recover ever. The main issue with foils in magic is the way the cards are made. When card stock absorbs water, it expands a little bit.

In Fact, Even Without Using My Scale, After I Open It, I Can Usually Tell If Pack Has A Holo Just By Looking For A Slight Bend In The Pack.

Anyway, i've found that most holo cards do have a little bit of a bend in them, straight from the pack. And finally, most counterfeits are easily distinguishable as fakes without going into anything complicated. Why do foil cards bend?

Laminated Cards Can Also Melt Under Extreme Heat.

My guess would be that somewhere during packaging they were exposed to moisture and thats why you get this crap. Thus, foil faced cards tend to bend toward the foil side when subjected to high humidity. Ink, foil, card stock, laminating and sp/vr/whatever rarity have you texturing the important part is.

Many Of Our Foil Cards, Especially Those Out Of Binders, Warped.

Cards will tend to naturally curl as they accumulate moisture from the surrounding air. Heat makes the foil shrink, bending the cards a little bit. The rings that are holding your cards in your binder are making them arch.and with the heat/humidity making the card soft.

As You May Know Humidity, Moisture Or Weather Changes Bend Foil Or Holo Cards, And As Everyone I Hate That My Cards Curve.

Card warping can even happen sometimes before it. Bending comes from either too cold or too hot enviroments. In ordinary magic cards, the cards are made from two stock paper layers glued together.

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